Video review: Microsoft Surface tablet

The £399 Surface is Microsoft’s first foray into PC hardware. The tablet device runs Windows RT, which means it is unable to use x86 applications. This is a bit limiting if you would like your own browser  since the only one available at the moment is Internet Explorer 10, that ships with Windows RT.

However, you can download applications from the Windows Store, Skype, eBay and the Kindle app are there, but sadly, no BBC iPlayer. There are several tools to improve the tablet, but there does not appear to be much in the way of enterprise software in the Windows Store.

Still, the relatively limited functionality means the Surface tablet could be deployed where people need simply email access, tasks, calendar and basic Word, Excel and PowerPoint functionality. It is probably suitable for a device in education and where a relatively locked-down environment is preferred.

I personally like Windows 8 Professional, which is only available on x86-based tablets and hybrid devices, as I prefer to run my own applications, rather than be restricted by the choice in the Windows Store.