VMWare counters Microsoft

Paul Maritz appears to be giving his old employer a bit of a beating this week at VMWorld. I used to speak to Paul when he headed up the Windows Server team at Microsoft – and like many MS peops, he was clearly passionate about the product and he believed he could make a difference. I think it’s fair to say that he did…
Maritz oversaw Microsoft’s attack on NetWare and Unix in the server market and the datacentre.  The VMWare virtual data center operating system announced this week lat VMWorld looks like Maritz’ attempt to put VMWare at the heart of data centre computing.
Simply put, if everything in the datacentre runs a hypervisor, there’s no need to worry about OS upgrades. Windows, Unix and Linux will still exist – but users don’t need to worry so much about security and upgrading because everything is happening in a virtualised environment.

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