Security in the hands of the ignorant

You know what they say about end users. They can’t be trusted. On my train journey home today I sat across from a woman on her mobile to someone or other. Even to my untrained ear, it was pretty obvious she was trying to discretely give out her login details to the person on the other end of the phone. First, she gave out her maiden name; then her password “rainbow1”. And to make sure we didn’t make a mistake she added, “The number one.” Oh and then she gave out her postcode. A person less scrupulous than me would have got her address, gone through the recycling bins and picked out a carelessly discarded utility bill or bank statement. I bet she’s the type of person who clicks on the “too good to be true” email offer or gives out her login details for a free pen.

With end users like her, who needs enemies? They are the weakest link. It’s no wonder anti-virus and security software is a multi-billion pound industry.