RIM a RIM of roses, they all fall down

It seems Research in Motion is playing swings and roundabouts with its business strategy. It wants to clarify about getting out of the consumer market.This came in earlier today:

Thorsten Heins RIM CEO confirmed on the call:

  • Whilst we announced we would refocus on the enterprise business, we also stated part of competing in the ‘bring your own device’ segment is to create a compelling consumer offering.
  • Ahead of the BlackBerry 10 launch and throughout the remainder of our FY13, it is critical that we drive BlackBerry 7 sales to sustain the subscriber base. To do this we plan to aggressively incentivize sales of BlackBerry 7 smartphones to both drive upgrades from older BlackBerry products to BlackBerry 7 and to attract feature phone customers to BlackBerry 7 for their first smartphone experience.
  • We have new BlackBerry 7 devices scheduled to come out in the next few months to reinvigorate our position in the key entry level smartphone segment, to support our efforts to continue growing our subscriber base by upgrading feature phone customers to smartphones.
  • We will seek partnerships to deliver those consumer features and content that are not central to the BlackBerry value proposition, for example media consumption applications.

So basically, RIM wants to concentrate on the enterprise, and, at the same time, allow staff, to bring in their own devices to work – presumably to connect via the Blackberry Enterprise Server.
Again, it wants to partner with companies to deliver features that are “not central” to the Blackberry value proposition. Does that mean not central to “Enterprise IT”??
Point three is a bit of a contradiction, as RIM also wants to deliver an entry level smartphone.
What does it ll mean. Who knows – it seems even RIM doesn’t!

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