Problem upgrading Windows 7 from Vista

I actually don’t mind Windows 7, having used it since RC1 was released last summer. But this weekend, I had to install it on my main PC, because Vista had become unstable.

Unlike previous releases, I needed to boot into Vista first in order to run the upgrade rather than a clean installation. It took ages – over two hours – but it did finally boot up. Upgrading from Vista to Windows 7 shoud be straightforward. Like most things from Microsoft, things got off to a good start, but the problems quickly mount up.

Most things worked – which is good, but it’s also pretty bad. Why, with all the time, effort and testing involved, does the Microsoft installer fail to upgrade a working Vista system to Windows 7.

Microsoft assured me previously that Vista to Windows 7 would be a straightforward upgrade. But I found my PC no longer shut down properly and certain devices, that worked perfectly under Vista, now fail on Windows 7.

Scouring the internet, I solved the device driver issue, by using the boot up option that lets you run unsigned device drivers (use F8 at boot time). This allowed Windows 7 to detect a ColorVision Spyder2 monitor calibration device, allowing me to calibrate my PC monitor.

But there seems to be little information on the internet about how to fix the problem with shutting down. I appreciate that the installer software to upgrading an operating system is non-trivial, but if Microsoft expects people to upgrade, it must get this right, 100% of the time. Spending hours trying to solve problems like the ones I experienced is frustrating for a techie, but for a business or home user, it is completely unacceptable.


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The only problem I see is that you had vista installed in the first place. I went straight from XP to Win7. Vista is like a chocolate Kettle.You should of just started a fresh, and restore your already backed up date.

I understand what your saying for a non-technical person It would of been a nightmare.

And I couldn't agree more.

"Spending hours trying to solve problems like theones I exerienced is frustrating for a techie"

I disagree with this statement, It's whats techie's LOVE! It's how we gain our knowledge and become relied upon by our non-technical friends.

I did an upgrade on an HP laptop that I purchased w/ vista installed that had the "windows 7" free upgraded available. I did a lot of research on win 7 and thought it would be a very good fit for my wife who is not even close to being a techie !!! Initial process was great and now like Cliff she too has problems... videos freezing on web sites and games she likes to play lock up ... shutdown problems w/ an error message about explorer.exe playing ... " and w/ this you must force a shutdown.

I have tried to post this problem w/ certain sites and only one response so far... this is a problem w/ upgrade. I agree w/ Cliff... Microsoft should have this down to an art. If anyone else has any suggestions to correct this problem w/o going through complete reinstall of windows7 please let me know. Thanks for allowing me to vent !!!

Do NOT upgrade to Vista. Go directly from XP to 7. Avoid nightmares, driver and application compatibility issues and all sorts of other problems!

Great advice. I dont know how many times I have to tell people the very same things in regards to Vista. Glad I’m not the only one.

Here is something what might help anybody who needs to upgrade or install Windows 7. After 3 days of trying, I almost gave up. Then I found a little forum, with one (1)!!! article on it about Win 7 installation problems. Easy - followed it and it was installed with 20 minutes. Thanks again guys! You should work for Microsoft!

Thanks for the link Mark. Very useful.

Hi, Cliff. My problem trying to upgrade from Vista (which was pre-installed on my current PC when I bought it)is that in order to do so, I need to download security service pack 1.1.

No matter how many times I've tried to download this update it in the past -- and I'm talking months before I purchased Windows 7 -- it simply won't work.

Every other update downloads without a problem, but not this. Without it, I can't proceed. Any thoughts?

Personally i think W7 is healthier than XP and Vista... a lot more stable all around ... plus for people that whine concerning resource hungry W7 ... just try to recollect the move from win98 to winXP ... same things being told back then.

I have never had a good experience upgrading any windows software. Just format and do a clean install, it will avoid so many headaches!

I am trying to install from Vista To Windows 7. I was instructed to do two things before I could go further with my installation: uninstall VeriSoft Access Manager (it could NOT be found on my computer) and uninstall NDIS driver for Wireless LAN adapter. I stopped the install because of the VerySoft Access Manager problem and now I cannot connect to the internet because I forgot my security key to my internet service. HELP,,!