Podcast: six tips on how to be a top CIO

Speaking today at the Gartner Business Intelligence Summit 2011 in London, Diageo CIO Brian Franz presents top tips on being a top IT manager. Franz recommends:

1. Get the basics write
2. Be the business
3. Execute brilliantly to build credibility
4. Ruthlessly focus on delivering tangible outcomes
5. Ensure it has a solid roi
6. Be bold – you deserve a seat at the table

Listen to the podcast >>

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Good Podcast Cliff but it did make me laugh that the first one is - Get the basics write (sp. right)!!! ;-)

If this is a transcript of his speech then be aware, or make him aware that the correct spelling of "get the basics "write"" is "right"..not "write"!

Also what on earth does "Be the business" mean?

I am really tired hearing that CIOs must be "part of the business"..of course they must be! But they must be a business executive not a service provider to the "business" which is what most IT Directors are ..traditionally! They must be able to read and contribute to business plans, a P&L, and relate to the business strategy and lead be a player in parts of it!