Patch Tuesday impacts 64 core Windows components

Microsoft’s latest patch includes a major update updates to Windows that affects 64 Windows components. Download the ChangeBase report on the patch here: ChangeBase AOK Patch Report Feb 09.pdf

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I work for ChangeBASE and we produced the report Cliff refers to based on our product -AOK. I'd like to add a few observations.

1. This months patch update was mega - with over 200 DLL's updated in the release

We have found that these DLL's are widely distributed based on our sample of 800 apps.

2. Hence testing for the impact of these is a real challenge. Previous patch updates have included only a few updated DLL's - which makes the testing process easier once you have got a grip on the impact on what the DLL does and how this may affect your application. This months patch update creates quite a challenge

3. I had an interesting discussion with a Fortune Top 10 company recently. They only release new patches to their users twice a year - because the testing takes so long. This obviously means they do not get the benefit on new Microsoft patches quickly

Application compatibility is a problem that is not going to go away in the forseeable future. Further automation of compatibility testing/fixing is needed to take as much of this pain away as possible

This is a huge update - with over 300 files included in these updates. The testing profile for these patches is going to be huge.

I have been asked to post a few more details on this update. I mentioned in my previous posting that, "The testing profile for these patches is going to be huge." Here is an example. The IE7 Security Update (MS09-002) changes core files such as the file Wininet.DLL. This file may not be directly included with the distribution media (i.e. not in the application package or on the installation DVD) but many applications depend on this DLL to function correctly. For example; Lotus Notes, Adobe Photoshop Elements and AutoCAD are ALL affected by this update as core system components for these applications have explicit dependencies on the updated IE7 DLL's and components. As we all know, IE is tied very closely with the operating system. When IE is updated, we all have to take notice.