Office 2010 arrives: time to upgrade...maybe

Later today MS will officially launch Office 2010. So should you upgrade? As our reviewer Tim Andserson, points out, the biggest barrier to upgrading is the existing 2007 release. If all you do is word processing, spreadsheets, email and presentations, Office 2007 is fine. And if you desparately need a change there’s always OpenOffice, which offers an excellent, if basic, alternative.

In fact the main benefit users will gain from upgarding is if they go the whole hog, and buy into the SharePoint collaboration platform, which allows multipe users to edit documents simultaneously.





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I find OpenOffice a great replacement that is free.

OpenOffice works very well with GoogleDocs and Zoho. Its like my Offline Zoho or Google Docs. Very useful when the Internet is slow or not available. In fact, I find it has several features that 'online word processors' don't have (& I'm not even a power user) ;)

I use OpenOffice too - because it's free (so I can install it on several PCs) and provides me with basic word processing functionality. If MS gets it right with the Sharepoint integration, Office 2010/Sharepoint could become a strong document management system.