No such thing as a virus-free operating system

These days it seems the people most vocal about their operating system is the Linux community. In my job I’ve come across people claiming Linux is unbreakable. Perhaps…perhaps not. The same goes for the Mac. Someone once told me of an anti-virus companies that was reportedly no longer selling Mac AV software, because there were no Mac viruses.

But let’s be realistic. Any OS that comes under the same scrutiny as Windows XP is sure to reveal its shortcomings. The only reason the Mac, or Linux doesn’t have viruses is that they don’t get much exposure. Not enough users. Commercially-driven hackers are far more likely to make a killing duping Windows users. Any software firm claiming they no longer produce anti-virus for the Mac (or for that matter, Linux) is simply saying, “There’s not enough users out there for us to justify developing Mac (or Linux) versions.”

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And I always thought that windows caught a cold because it runs in admin mode by default.

What do you say? The servers usually work on linux (or unix) and they are more secure than a server with windows.

There are more users of Apache than a IIS users and there are not more bugs in Apache!

yes this thing is true