More Office 2007 pain

I was helping a neighbour out this weekend. Her PC had started playing up and she decided to buy a new laptop, complete with Office 2007.

The new laptop was up and running and had a nice, fast ADSL connection. The problem was, she wanted to copy her contact address book from the old machine onto the new one.

I thought the simplest option would be to send the Outlook contacts as an email attachment, which she could then pick-up on the new machine.

Well that didn’t work. Outlook 2007 on the new machine was not recognising the Outlook 2000 contacts.

Now there may well be other methods to copy the address book over, but the most intuitive method simply failed.

Without the support of an IT department, I suspect many small businesses will have come across similar problems.

I’ve written on this blog before about supporting legacy file formats. We do take these formats for granted. Just imagine if we all had to upgrade every image on the web, every digital picture we ever took, because there was a new version of JPEG.

One would hope the IT industry would recognise the disruption would be unacceptable, and so any amendments need to be backwards compatible.

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Surely you just either copy the pst file over or export the contacts?