Lotusphere Day 1 - a very yellow day

Lotusphere always kicks off with the Opening General Session (OGS) a 2 hour event that sets the tone for the whole week.  IBM lays out its main strategy and product directions and the main themes of the event are clearly laid out in this session.  IBM clear sets out what it wants you to be interested in.

This is my 10th Lotusphere and each seems to take a different tack.  The session opened with high energy. Blue Man Group gave a fantastic display.  Percussion on water pipes.

This was followed by Lotus Software General Manager, Bob Picciano in his first Lotusphere in this top role.  Lotusphere is not an easy event.  The Lotus community is tight and protective but Picciano won hearts and minds.  In his introduction he told us that his wife was a Lotus Notes/Domino developer and if he needs being told something about Notes, he hears it across the kitchen table.  What a great story.  Picciano engratiated himself with the audience immediately then went on to lay out a strong story and vision.  Smooth presentation of a good message.

We were then regaled to presentation after another of the broad range of Lotus products.

Finally, the announcement I ad personally been waiting for: the winners of the CTO Innovation Lotus Awards.  What a sensation to see our product Integra for Notes up in lights as the winner of this prestigious award.

Tomorrow is a new day with plenty of more detailed sessions.  Lotusphere is an incredible event.