Kindle first look

I got my Kindle today. This is my first experience of an eReader and I bought the 3G version because it would be really useful to browse the web.

Like most techies, I plugged in the power adapter to charge it and switched it on without checking the instructions. Amazingly, the device was already regisered at, with my account details, and was set up for One-Click payments. It showed three bars for 3G access so I went to the MENU button and made my first purchase – Stieg Larsson’s great trilogy, then browsed the periodicals and magazine Kindle site to check if anything took my fancy.

Wi-Fi was pretty easy to set up, although users need to use the SYM button to enter numbers, which can be a tad time-consuming. But once set up, Wi-Fi is seamless.

The browser is available via the Experimental option from the HOME menu. It’s very basic, quite slow, but does allow you to access non-Flash web sites. So I was able to access the train times from National Rail, get directions via Streetmap and book a car on Streetcar. It is even possible to access GMail, but be warned: the Kindle browser is very slow and it takes ages to redraw the screen, so it’s really only suitable for occassional use. You can’t open Google Docs, because the hrowser does not allow you to open multiple windows.

 It’s easy to plug the Kindle into your PC to transfer documents to the avrious folders on the device, and thanks to the built-in PDF reader and MP3 player I could transfer music and Acrobat files directly to the Kindle. So far everything seems to be working well. Tomorrow I’ll try emailing the Kindle via the and device email addressses, which should provide wireless delivery of personal docs.