If only I had backed-up

So I finally got the new phone. The only thing is that it has taken me two days to get it back to how the original one was before it got lost when I attempted to send it back to O2. It is easy to use Active Sync to backup contacts, calendar entries and email. But how about application software and device drivers?

The software I bought for the XDA Orbit smartphone, was acquired via electronic distribution, so I paid for products using a credit card and was given an unlock code, needed to get the software working once it has been installed.

Even though I store the XDA’s application software on my desktop PC, it is very easy to lose unlock keys. Worse, the device is clearly not the same device O2 lost so, as far as some software makers are concerned, there is no record of the device so I was asked to pay again.

Needless to say this is unacceptable and I managed to get around the repayment problem, but it took ages.

I wish there was a really simple way to use Active Sync to create a mirror image of all the software, settings and device drivers on my smartphone. As these devices get more sophisticated we are going to need PC management tools to back them up and keep then running.