IE8: Web slices, visual seach and accelerators

I’m keen to look at the features in details, having looked at the basic productivity gains promised by Microsoft.

Today I spoke to Cian Weeresinghe, eBay Uk’s marketing manager, about how the auction site was planning to make the most of what IE8 has to offer. eBay has developed three applications with Microsoft for IE8.

The first is an IE8 web slice,which allows web users  to keep track of things that interest them, using the Favourites menu bar. On eBay’s  IE8 site ( users can click on a button that runs a PHP script, which sets up such a web slice. eBay uses it to enable eBay users to keep track of any activity on an item they are interested in purchasing. Within the Favourites menu bar, the web slice turns the item’s descriptive text bold if there is any activity, like when someone bids.

IE8’s Visual Search function works when you select eBay as one of your search engine. The browser allows you then to search for items for sale on eBay.

The other neat feature is IE8’s Accelerator menu. So if we are searcging for a gadget or an iPod and the web page contains the word gadget or iPod, you can click on a menu listing items for sale on eBay that match “gadget” or “iPod”