IBM/Sun: what it could mean?

What will IBM gain by buying Sun? Today, under Jonathan Schwartz’s leadership, I think Sun’s more of a software company than a Unix server and workstation firm.IBM could benefit from taking over Java and OpenOffice. I’m not too sure where the hardware fits. OK, IBM will increase its market lead by about  9%. But it already has the Power family of risc processors. It doesn’t need Sparc, nor does it need another family of Unix servers and workstations.

Sun’s customers could benefit from the massive global support and stability IBM can offer, but I fear Sun’s innovative culture may drown in Big Blue culture.

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It's a very interesting situation. Your point regarding innovation cultures got me thinking about IBM's approach to open source and collaboration in general. I remember that Wikinomics made the case very strongly about IBM adopting a more open business model - Sun was part of this strategy.

Leaving the integration of Sun's technology lines aside, do you think that IBM is perhaps looking to 'integrate and disperse' Sun's innovative business culture within IBM? A kind of business transformation by osmosis, or do you think Sun will be too small to have such an effect Cliff?