Good luck London runners

I completed my first marathon on Sunday – a journey that began 9 months ago after a heavy night’s drinking, The following morning I decided things had to change and I signed up to a charity 10k taking place in October. Now I had never run before – apart from trying to get the bus, missing it, and getting totally out of breath. It’s fair to say I wasn’t fit at all.


But amazing a little piece of technology got me on the straight and narrow – at least in terms of putting one foot in front of the other and making the long journey towards my first marathon.


The Garmin 403 is a GPS equipped running watch, which monitors your heart rate and keeps track of various statistics like your pace, the distance you’ve travelled, how long it took etc. All of this info can be logged on your PC and also on the website. The site uses Google Maps to show you where you’ve run, and presents a table to allow you to compare you running times.


The Garmin 403 was probably the biggest factor in getting me to the finish line on Sunday. I come across many clever devices in my job, but how many can actually get you through a marathon? It’s not cheap. You’d probably expect to pay £180, but it’s cheaper than a a few sessions with a personal trainer or a couple of months’ gym membership.


The Brighton Marathon was the hardest thing I have ever done, but the Garmin helped keep me motivated during training, getting me up in the morning to run 10ks, and pushing me to endure longer weekend runs. It was a bit have a personal trainer and gym on my wrist.


The integration with Google maps is superb – providing instant feedback on the route I ran … satellite view!


Very best of luck to everyone running this Sunday.