Getting value from a Microsoft Enterprise Agrement

My latest podcast is with Adrian Davey, head of IT at Tube Lines. Microsoft Enterprise Agreements are expensive and Adrian’s team has been reading the fine print line by line to make sure Tube Lines gets the most from its Microsoft licenses.

This means Tube Lines is able to offer staff MS Office 2007 for just £17 through the Home Use Rights programme and has taken advantage of the Windows Server 2008 Early Adopter Programme to evaluate whether Windows Terminal Services could replace its existing Citrix Metaframe installation.

Many businesses don’t have a choice and have to buy MS software – or they choose to standardise on Microsoft because it fits their business requirements. So if you don’t have a choice you may as well get the best deal and Adrian makes sure Tube Lines takes advantage of every single benefit the Enterprise Agreement licence has to offer.

It seems an obvious thing to do but how many people really make the most of the bells and whistles that come with a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement?