First look at BT I-Plate

BT’s I-Plate is designed to filter noise on the phone line, which deteriorates the DSL signal, causing the broadband speed to slow down or the line to drop. I’m a Talk Talk customer and for the last few months I’ve had terrible problems with intermittent internet acces, with the line dropping frequently. As a result, a one hour download from BBC iPlayert took over six hours, so I was keen to give the I-Plate a go.

The first step was to identify where the master phone socket was located in the house. The socket needs to be a split type NTE5 master socket. Thinkbroadband has excellent instructions on identifying the correct master socket and installing the I-Plate, so I won’t repeat them here.

It took about 10 mintes to unplug the face plate on the existing master socket, slot in the I-Plate and screw the old face-plate on.

Speed wise, I haven’t seen much improvement yet, but a speed test on my connection showed I was getting about 6.0 Mbps from a theoretical 8 mbps connection, which isn’t bad. The good news is the connection hasn’t failed yet. So for me, the I-Plate seems to be doing what it’s supposed to.

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The quick and free alternative is just to remove the ring wire see:

for some simple instructions. Or do a google - this is quite well documented.

Worked for me. 0.7Mbps increase for 5mins effort - can't be bad!!!