FaceBook nerds need a reality check

Is it just me? Am I the only person who can’t see the point of pandering to the FaceBook Generation.

Analyst Gartner is saying that unless we allow FaceBook in the workplace we won’t be able to attract the best new thinkers out there. This sentiment was reflected earlier this week at an IT directors’ meeting I attended.

I actually think this is total and utter rubbish. It’s true that end users think corporate IT sucks. Since the invention of the PC smart people have innovated their way around corporate systems, stored business data in Excel, and Access databases, circumvented the procurement department, and used things like Hotmail and eBay because the company’s systems were so awful or too expensive.

FaceBook is no different. Anyone who declines a job offer because the company has banned FaceBook needs a reality check. Haven’t you noticed, we’re heading into recession? There’s plenty of very talented people out there desperate for a job.

The real talent lies not with the people who use FaceBook, but with those who can innovate in spite of all the barriers corporate IT puts in place. So for the losers out there on FaceBook, why not update your status to unemployable, and go buy your network of friends a virtual pint.