Dare we look into Microsoft's colourful past?

Microsoft and its new best friend, Novell, are clearly looking to question the underlying principals of open source software. Funny how Novell was happy to indemnify users of its SuSE Linux distribution at the height of SCO’s attack on Linux. Now MS sees software patents as the next front in its on-going “Get the Facts” battle to derail Linux.And Novell’s agreement with Microsoft will again protect SuSE users.

One wonders how IBM will look on this latest attack. How much IP was shared between Microsoft’s Windows NT operating system and the MS/IBM development that led to the defunct OS/2. What’s more, in an article on the history of Windows NT, Mark Russinovich, notes:

Most of NT’s lead developers, including VMS’s chief architect, came from Digital, and their background heavily influenced NT’s development

Who’s to say that some unforeseen skeleton in a cupboard won’t come back to haunt Microsoft?