August Patch Tuesday - a busy time for the deployment team

Within the next 24 hours we’ll get to see the latest security patch update from Microsoft. Those who find these notifications of use will already know that this month, August, is going to be a big one. Looking at the list of 14 security patches that are due to be released tomorrow, there’s going to be a lot of companies that will need to do a lot of work if they are to ensure they maintain their stringent levels of security and avoid opening up the gates of vulnerability.


What’s interesting to me is the fact that eight out of the 14 patches are ranked as critical. This further highlights the need for companies to be extra vigilant during the holiday session. Once again this is an area which organisations can’t avoid or be complacent about. It will be all hands to the pump on Wednesday and we’ll be issuing the ChangeBASE AOK Patch report as usual to highlight any application compatibility issues that the updates might cause.

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