A business case for Vista

Vista is doing well, according to John Curran, director of the Windows group at Microsoft UK. Curran was in London this week for a roundtable with customers, analysts and press, covering Vista deployments.

16 months since Windows Vista was launched, Curran says that Microsoft has sold 140 million licenses of Vista. “We are seeing very broadly adopted from consumers, enterprise and public sector. Windows Vista has been the safest OS in the market and with Windows Defender, it is 60% more secure than XP SP2.”

I don’t think people are buying it for the great new features Microsoft promotes in Vista. Adrian Davey, head of IT at Tube Lines, for instance, says “By having a standardised platform, in terms of hardware and software, Vista is paying for itself.”

Vista is juts one component of Tube Lines’ IT infrastructure. Davey is happy to buy the whole Microsoft software stack – Windows Vista, SharePoint, SQL Server etc. He argues that businesses can reap genuine benefits when these products are combined.