What use is an enterprise social network app?

Five years ago we didn’t talk about the development of enterprise social network applications, but things have changed.

Actually, it was around ten plus (some would say fifteen) years ago when enterprise social networks first started to emerge — so with that progression path in mind, we can now think about where these technologies are cutting new (next-gen sharpened) teeth.

What is an enterprise social network?

Generally speaking, we consider enterprise social networks to consist of three elements:

  • people,
  • applications and,
  • content

When an enterprise social network app is actually useful

Today we need to think about these elements in a framework beyond the simple streaming of notifications around a business network — but where data from the enterprise social network starts to get integrated back into critical business applications themselves.

Some of (actually, most if not all) these concepts are embodied in apps such as tibbr from TIBCO.

This product now offers users several apps across categories such as visual collaboration, ideation, customer engagement, decision management, discovery, meetings and task management, as well as departmental apps for human resources, marketing and sales.

“Today’s modern businesses use a wide variety of apps and what they need now is a flexible, open platform for bringing these myriad services together for employees,” said Ram Menon, president, social computing, TIBCO.

“[When you look at] tibbr it streamlines all work-related processes into one personalised interface for each employee within an organisation,” he added.

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