What to expect from Huawei Connect ??????? 2017

Chinese telecommunications company Huawei (pronounced ‘wah-way’) is about to stage what is billed to be one of its biggest ever exhibition, symposium, conference events to date.

Combining what was three shows into one mega show (as was also the case last year in 2016) the firm will now host its Huawei Connect 2017 event at the International Expo Centre in Shanghai this September.

Vegas, Barcelona… Shanghai?

While the perfume bottles in duty free will still read Paris, New York, London, Milan… could the global tech conference circuit now be about to add Shanghai to its ‘usual suspects’ list of locations which we know and love (or hate) to be a seemingly endless stream of industry get-togethers staged in Las Vegas & Orlando & San Francisco, Cannes & Paris, Barcelona, Berlin and London?

Huawei certainly hopes so and will no doubt be following up on some of the market and technology positioning it has openly stated already this year.

Grow with the cloud

This year’s event is themed around a ‘grow with the cloud’ tag, but that doesn’t tell us much. Looking more closely, while Huawei will obviously have a clear message for its carrier partners — it wants to help them achieve so-called ‘data dividends’ from high value services where it can.

But, pleasingly, the firm is also kicking off day with a ‘Developer Enablement Plan’, so there is (arguably) some diversity and ground level technology in its total message set here.

Looking at the industry scope being targeted, Huawei breaks out its tracks into key zones which include: smart city, public safety, energy, manufacturing. finance, transportation, carrier, ISP, media, eduction, retail and government.

More than a box seller

Can we expect new device launches? Well, probably, it would be rude not to… but carrier business group president at Huawei Mr. Zou Zhilei has said before now that the firm is “so much more than a box seller” and is now looking at how it can help support video on mobile as the next trillion dollar market.

As previously detailed here, Huawei says that all connected worlds are being impacted by 5 bullets: (ROADS)… an idea that the firm has actually been talking about since 2015:

  • R – Real time connectivity
  • O – On-demand i.e. customize services based on actual user needs
  • A – All-online applications
  • D – DIY service development and optimization
  • S – Social platforms for sharing

Global Industry Vision (GIV)

So what else can we expect? Huawei will talk about it what it calls its Global Industry Vision (GIV) which encompasses all technologies driving what we now understand to be the process of so-called digital transformation.

The firm’s vision (and/or prediction) is that that most of the business processes of the enterprise will be digitised by 2025. Well, in those firms that survive, at least.

China now realises that the information and communications industry is the most dynamic in its national economy. It is working to help firm’s adapt to what has been called the “Internet +” revolution where cloud, Internet of Things and intelligent devices become a part of all business processes.

Huawei Connect 2017 ????????????????

You can read a Chinese (English translation on page) description of some of Huawei’s current work across a range of industrial zones here.

Image: Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia