What to expect from AppDynamics Summit 2017

First the Earth cooled… and then there were tools, devices, machines and eventually software applications – then, finally, we started calling them apps.

In the second age of man (and woman and gender neutral individuals), we started to go beyond mere application existence and consider the fact that apps needed management tools broad enough to encompass their entire lifecycle – we called this APM, or Application Performance Management.

Enter APM

As the APM space became a defined sub-universe of the wider development, programming and software engineering landscape, specialist vendors arose to populate the need for this function.

Finally, somewhere around 17 years after the turn of the second millennium, the tech industry started to host custom-created events to focus on the world of APM. And so… AppDynamics hosted its New York located #AppDSummit Summit 2017 event.

Catching up with AppDynamics

First a little background, earlier in 2017 Cisco acquired AppDynamics for $3.7 billion. The deal is now fully cemented and the next era for both firms is now in motion.

Today we know that AppDynamics and Cisco are now trying to share what they call a “joint vision for the future of APM” going forward.

Perhaps not just a corporate marketing platitude, the firm explains that this so-called vision centres around specific machine learning advancements and some big announcements around AppDynamics’s business IQ platform.

The New York event also promises to feature a strong focus around cloud migration and how crucial APM is to DevOps.

Convergence of IT & business

According to AppDynamic’s director of technology strategy John Rakowski, APM has become crucial in helping businesses understand themselves and their customers. He insists that the AppDynamics Summit NY is one of the few global events where Fortune 500 companies come together to discuss how they’re leveraging APM to drive major business revenue.

“Following our acquisition by Cisco earlier this year we will be telling the latest chapter in our story. Expect to hear about how we’re working together to apply machine learning to predict future application and business problems, major announcements around our App iQ platform and much more around migrating to AWS and mutli-cloud success, as we look to share our vision for the future of application and business monitoring,” Rakowski told the Computer Weekly Developer Network team.

Big apple, big vision?

Looking deeper at the event’s programme of activities and tracks we can see that there will be a customer best practices session.

There will also be a session titled Game Changers. For this, AppDynamics says it has picked three topics having a major impact on the way Application Performance Management is approached:

  • DevOps which is now viewed as ‘mainstream’.
  • The move to a multi-cloud strategy.
  • Machine Learning (ML).

A strategy and vision session will detail new technology releases from AppDynamics and how these capabilities will be working in tandem with the broader Cisco solution portfolio. Senior teams from both organisations will present on the major new releases.

Finally there’s a product deep dive. The firm says this is time to focus on strategic integrations and additional product capabilities.

“Expand the potential of your AppDynamics investment, by extending your visibility into mainframe environments, and take a fresh look at issue resolution by combining with ServiceNow,” reads the promo details.

It’s APM and ML, all in a New York Minute, what’s not to like?