Vserv envisions big smart actionable data

The CWDN blog team recently met up with Dippak Khurana, co-founder & CEO of mobile marketing platform company Vserv.

Khurana talks about the-called ‘smart data revolution’ no less.

The smart what?

1 smart pture.JPG

Well, yes, exactly – this term has been defined by Cambridge Semantics as data that is discovered, integrated, searched, visualised and analysed differently.

We can say that ‘smart data’ is more flexible in terms of which models it fits into, easy to interpret by humans and machine, more universal in terms of where it can be mapped out and more repurposable.

Khurana explains that by using a smart data approach, his firm augments user profiles by connecting them with multiple sources like telcos, apps, offline partners and data management platforms (DMPs).

Actionable user personas

Through its proprietary algorithm and 500 million+ unique user profiles, Vserv creates what it calls ‘actionable user personas’ and identifies intent signals in real-time.

With data on over 50% of the mobile Internet users across the world’s emerging markets, Vserv insists that its mission is to empower marketers, app developers, telcos and data providers to derive sharper results.

Emerging acceleration

Vserv, is the only company to have inked partnerships with key telcos in emerging markets like Vodafone, Airtel, Aircel, Globe, Mobifone, and Robi Axiata to accelerate these offerings.

“The businesses of tomorrow will all operate on the simple premise of data – and the smarter that data is, the sharper the results will be,” says Dippak Khurana, Co-Founder & CEO, Vserv.

“Using our Vserv Smart Data, marketers are already seeing over 5X growth in the conversion rate. We estimate the Smart Data opportunity entailing e-commerce, in app purchases, mobile operators and mobile advertising to be a USD 260 billion industry currently, across emerging markets alone.”

Current mobile ad systems expose most ads to people with little-to-no interest. With smart data, Vserv combines user personas with real-time intent signals to show most relevant ads to users.