Veritas tunes surround backup sound for increasing data volumes

Data centric software application developers, software architects and all manner of DBAs and sysadmins are becoming ever more connected to the back end core of the data warehouse in an age when cloud computing and datacentre-driven application delivery has become the norm. This immutable truth has created a new awareness (even among programmers) of the need for strength and agility in backup and recovery solutions.

The coal face of code

If the above statement holds true (which it does), then we will see an increasing number of IT shops implement information management solutions closer to the coal face of code development and data throughput. This is part of the validation that firms like Veritas Technologies will be tabling as the cloud itself grows in prominence.

The firm has this month announced the release of Feature Pack 5 for Backup Exec 15, a  data protection solution for backup and recovery across virtual, physical and cloud environments.

According to Veritas, “With this new release, administrators can migrate their backup smoothly to the cloud while adhering to critical disaster recovery processes without increasing complexity. They can also improve their recovery times for virtual environments and minimise the downtime of critical services within the company.”

Feature Pack 5 comes with instant recovery for VMWare and Hyper-V, a new customisable cloud connector, support for Cloudian HyperStore and SQL support.

Restoring virtual machines

Instant Recovery for VMware and Hyper-V: this feature brings so-called ‘intelligent instant recovery’ to (reportedly) reduce the time and complexity of restoring virtual machines on VMware and Microsoft environments.

Users can restart a virtual machine directly from the backup set and do not need to mount and transfer the data set first. The virtual machine is available within seconds and users can access the restored virtualised applications immediately.

Instant recovery also allows backup administrators to verify their disaster recovery scenarios for virtual machines without impacting the production systems. They can also test a patch on an instantly recovered virtual machine before they roll it out to critical systems.

Data volume increasing

“Managing and protecting data is becoming more challenging every day, given the rapid growth of information an organisation possesses across cloud, physical and virtual systems. Based on our recent survey of over 900 global mid-sized organisations, they expect their data volume to increase by an average of 33% over the next three years,” said Mark Nutt, SVP worldwide channel at Veritas. “We are committed to continually improving the capabilities of Backup Exec for our customers and partners to help them keep pace with the growing data protection demands across complex environments.”

Feature Pack 5 now includes a S3 connector that works  with storage appliances built with Cloudian HyperStore.