The real meaning of 'mission critical': DevOps in space & avionics

DevOps and application release management specialist Serena Software has strung out the bunting to celebrate its new partnership with Critical Software Technologies.

Southampton Science Park headquartered Critical is so named to reflect the firm’s work producing software for the avionics, space, energy and defence industries.

The firms are working together on a new safety-critical certification management solution.

This effort is designed to help software developers make sure that their projects meet safety standards such as DO-178C from RTCA, Inc. and EUROCAE.

NOTE: DO-178C is known as Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification.

This then is when mission critical REALLY does mean mission critical.

Process automation = mission critical software DevOps management

The solution will (so says Serena) manage the certification requirements and process demands needed for these types of deployments using a set of pre-defined procedures, reports, dashboards and document templates based on the “process automation” capabilities available within Serena Business Manager (SBM).

The thechnology featured here includes:

  • Document templates with associated process driven activity for creation, review and approval for all key documents
  • Specific dashboards aligned to status of document progress throughout the lifecycle
  • Dashboards and reports against activities associated with objective alignment and governance (audit) reports to confirm process adherence by the customer in support of specific safety critical requirements.

The Critical Software team is providing expertise in DO-178 to support the customisation of SBM. This will increase its value to avionics software developers and support the creation of DO-178C certified software.