The facts of (software development) life

The software application development industry is governed by facts. That’s just how it is; guesswork does not lend itself well to software engineering and this carved in stone truism will not change over time.

Fact number #1: software testing firms like to use project failure scaremongering tactics to sell the benefits of their products.

Fact number #2: a lot of software projects “fail”, or at least fail to deliver the full functionality promised in the required and allotted time at the cost provisioned.

Fact number #3: Software process improvement and systems development company Quantitative Software Management (QSM) estimates that 70% of all software developers have worked on a project say that they knew from the very beginning that it would fail.

Fact number #4: This kind of suggestion leads perfectly into setting the scenario to discuss a new cloud-based software project estimation tool to prevent project failure.

Fact number #5: QSM’s new SLIM-WebServices project estimation intelligence product now works on-premise and also in a Software as a Service based delivery format to accommodate for cloud deployments.


“Project intelligence is infinitely more valuable when shared,” explains Larry Putnam, Jr., co-CEO for QSM. “With SLIM-WebServices, we’re empowering more people in more positions at more places in an enterprise – improving visibility, transparency and informed decision making. Ultimately, this is a company’s best defence against cost overruns, schedule slippages, and failed implementations.”

Fact number #6: QSM’s SLIM suite draws upon the firm’s proprietary database of over 10,000 projects and seven of the top 10 systems integrators in the world rely on SLIM intelligence.

Fact number #7: Advanced algorithmic analysis for project estimation, tracking and benchmarking is a good way of improving any project’s success, whether you decide to sell that concept with colourful developer failure claims or not.