The cloud data robot, TIBCO offers 'personal automation' tool

The Information Bus COmpany (the clue is in the name) TIBCO continues its ‘goodness we have a lot of products to release’ stream this month with the availability of its Personal Automation Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product known as TIBCO Simplr.

In a Taylor Swift style ‘I’ll trademark anything’ move, TIBCO has cheekily stuck a ™ on Personal Automation, a term it uses to explain how a do-it-yourself tool can automate repetitive tasks when working with data.

Automate repetitive tasks?

What kind of repetitive tasks? Things like building forms and flows to collect, manage and move data from people as well as cloud applications.

With its mix of forms and integration, Simplr empowers users of all backgrounds to increase productivity and save time by putting tedious tasks on autopilot.

From demand generation campaigns and content marketing tasks to event planning and social media processes, TIBCO Simplr can help by linking cloud applications and automating tasks. The application also lets users gather information from people with a robust online forms tool – one of the only in the space to do so. Simplr gives users the power to:

TIBCO for everyone

“We’ve [used] our strength in integration and workflow automation to offer the ability to innovate on the fly and get jobs done faster,” said Matt Quinn, executive vice president, products & technology, and chief technology officer, TIBCO. “Simplr does not require a technical skill level; this is TIBCO for everyone. It’s our goal to empower users of all backgrounds with tools to achieve greater digital success and the Simplr application supports this by streamlining users’ business processes and increasing their productivity without relying on IT teams or coding.”

Features include the chance to connect apps like Evernote, Gmail, Google Sheets, Salesforce, Marketo, Twitter, JIRA, Slack, Dropbox, SurveyMonkey, TIBCO Spotfire etc.

Simplr can create a flow to connect cloud apps, add a form to gather information and then  gets to work.

Users can employ the TIBCO Expresso mobile app to publish data from within TIBCO Simplr flows and subscribe to them as contextualised push notifications on the go.

Users can download the TIBCO Expresso app for iOS and add it to their flows.