TIBCO Mashery an API haberdashery & hatchery

The CWDN law of headlines states that any firm who acquires, merges with or forms a working partnership alongside the now TIBCO-owned API management division Mashery must also wilfully accept the risk of the company name being used in a rhyming headline with the only words that share an acceptable cadence with Mashery – hence the following:

TIBCO Mashery API management haberdashery & hatchery

Well, in fairness, a haberdashery is an emporium of buttons, fastenings, materials and threads… and, at the same time, TIBCO Mashery exists as a means of packaging Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to thread together different application component functionalities.

The newly announced Mashery Professional also provides a way to manage API user communities, secure APIs and monitor API programme success with a sets of analytics and reporting tools…. and that was close enough to a salmon hatchery with suitable rhyming resonance for us.

Haberdashery & hatchery

Agile experimentation is a key ingredient for digital transformation. API management enables digital experimentation and collaborative innovation at scale,” said Rajeev Kozhikkattuthodi, vice president, product management and strategy, TIBCO. “With Mashery Professional, any part of the business can get started on its API-led digital transformation journey with a few clicks and zero operational overhead.”

Mashery Professional is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environment designed with a compatibility to allow development shops to migrate as API programs grow in scope and expand in complexity.

Who uses Mashery?

Mashery Professional is a solution for companies starting API programmes, or those who might seek a smaller-scale application.

“After moving to a new media platform based on an API architecture that incorporates Mashery, our overall pace of innovation and ability to execute on our digital strategy went up significantly,” said Myles Lagolago-Craig, head of platforms, digital, News Corp Australia. “In the media business, agility and time to market for new services are critical success factors.”

The offering comes with a free 30-day trial.