SugarCRM mobile SDK, coz customisation counts

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Relationship Intelligence (RI) software company SugarCRM has launched a mobile Software Development Kit (SDK).

The SDK can be used to develop purpose-built CRM mobile applications for individuals, roles and teams.

What it means is that SugarCRM customers can build customisations for Sugar Mobile, akin to what can be done today for the Sugar desktop experience.

Slow mobile uptake

While smartphones are firmly entrenched in today’s business world, SugarCRM argues that truly valuable mobile apps from enterprise software providers are rare.

“This is because businesses are still learning how to take advantage of the contextual and real-time information provided by smartphone capabilities like geolocation, push notifications and the camera,” said the company, in a press statement.

According to the findings of a Nucleus Research report, 65 percent of companies that consistently take advantage of mobile CRM are meeting or exceeding their current sales quotas.

“While the ‘mobile-first’ era is powering modern businesses, the key to continuing that trend is to fuel the mass customisation of the app development process,” said Rich Green, chief product officer at SugarCRM. “The mobile SDK’s formalised, public APIs and guidelines will help developers extend Sugar Mobile in an upgrade-safe manner. SugarCRM has done the heavy lifting so customers do not need to build their own applications from scratch.”

Customisation counts

Common examples of customisations are: integration with enterprise-ready mobile device management tools, custom fields, views and buttons; integration with native device capabilities like GPS and the camera; and custom styling, theming and navigation.

The Sugar Mobile app is available for all Sugar Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate customers. The app includes features such as ‘offline storage mode’, single-sign on connectivity and mobile device management capabilities.