Splunk serves public sector, g-data emerges

Splunk is using its .conf2017 annual conference to explain how governments and higher education institutions using its machine data machine learning technologies to analyze, correlate and act on machine information streams to serve (and in some cases underpin) their operations.

Could this be the rise of (or even the coining of the term) g-data?


G-data is not a formal term yet by any reckoning, but perhaps it soon could be… and surely G-data-as-a-Service (GdaaS) will follow.

The news from Splunk is that thousands of public sector organisations including all three branches of the U.S. government, 15 cabinet-level departments, 43 out of 50 U.S. states and over 750 higher education institutions are using the firm’s IT and security products.

Being a North American event, Splunk did not offer corresponding UK or European stats at this time… although the firm’s VP for public sector did say that this trend is being seen in public sector and higher education organisations worldwide.

According to the 2017 Splunk Public Sector IT Operations Survey, at least 60 percent of public sector IT professionals feel as or less confident in carrying out responsibilities compared to last year.

Examples of g-Splunk in use

In terms of working examples of Splunk in use in the public sector – or if you will allow us – g-Splunk in use, we know that the US Defense Health Agency (DHA) relies on a secure and always-on infrastructure to ensure that armed forces are healthy and ready to serve around the world.

Splunk is helping the DHA successfully monitor the newly deployed MHS GENESIS Electronic Health Record (EHR) system and will soon provide the foundation for DHA’s enterprise Log Consolidation, Analysis and Retention Service (LCARS). We believe the Splunk platform can help to deliver significant savings by identifying tools we no longer need and automating reporting and IT processes,” said Wayne Speaks, chief operating officer, Defense Health Agency Infrastructure and Operations Division.

Other examples of g-Splunk for g-data include with the UK Ministry of Defence (Mod).

Air Commander Chris Moore is ISS director service operations. Moore says that Splunk works to provide the MoD with access to real-time protective and network performance monitoring as part of its ‘Enterprise Security & Service Management’ programme.

Splunk has cited other use cases in the City of Los Angeles public operations division and in Georgetown University.