Software AG: what does a real digital business look like?

Software AG is using the CeBIT conference and exhibition to launch its new Intelligent Business Operations platform and Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPMS) platform.

Now clearly this is all about big data analysis, but what kind of data?

This is both process-related and business transactional data to start with, but the story is deeper.

The firm wants to assert that we are at now within sight of Nirvana i.e. business and IT now actually speaking the same language with the integrated business processes under a single architecture management consideration from Software AG itself.

Intelligent Business Operations Platform (IBO) is positioned as a tool that monitors and analyses real-time data streams for “significant business events” driving real-time, intelligent business decisions.

Mini case study

A logistics company that provides services for shipping lines is an excellent customer example for the intelligent evaluation and analysis of large data volumes. The company processes a wide variety of data such as ship movements, weather data, and harbour information such as the availability of terminals and port facilities. Using this data in real time optimises important steering factors such as ship course and speed. Significant resource savings can be realised in addition to the business process optimisation — up to 1,500 tons of oil per year. This helps the company reduce its CO2 emissions as well.

The nine (example) elements of big data

So then, given the above shipping industry example, we can use this market vertical to explain what the internal elements of big data really are:

1. Process-related data

2. Business transactional data

3. IT systems operations data

4. Pricing data for fuel and port charges

5. Transport (speed) data

6. Weather data

7. Market commodities pricing data and the price of oil

8. Carbon offset data

9. Location data and other geo-location factors

Within the context of this scenario, this is a reasonable summary of the nine key elements (if not all) of big data that might come under scrutiny.

Intelligent Business Operations is positioned as a means of enabling the immediate implementation of decisions in automated business processes – and, this flexibility needs to be reflected in the enterprise IT architecture management.

To facilitate this, Software AG also announced the integration of its ARIS/Alfabet product suites.

After the acquisition of Alfabet AG, Software AG combined the ARIS and Alfabet products into a new product.

Software AG’s story goes further… but this is part of the story for what might make a real digital business in the future. Did you think that we would start with something sexier than shipping? Yes — we did too!