SmartBear puts 'earlier' testing inside IDEs

SmartBear’s new developer focused test automation tool is called TestLeft.

So what? There are many magic rings in this world.

The so what factor is down to the tool being able to help developers working in an Agile and continuous delivery environments to create robust tests within IDEs, which (in theory if all other factors are constant and the planets align) helps reduce test creation and maintenance time.

The ‘shift left’ model

Testing in short Agile iterations often necessitates a ‘shift left’ model, an approach in which testing starts much earlier in the application lifecycle.

In such an approach, developers with strong technical expertise are increasingly being held accountable for testing — and as a result, they often work alongside testers to create test automation frameworks.

According to SmartBear, ensuring developers contribute to these frameworks can only be possible if testing tools easily plug into integrated development ecosystems such as IDEs.

Though, this may not always be enough…

Developers building and contributing to such automated testing frameworks often face challenges while identifying right identifiers for objects on the applications under test. Not having the right object identifiers also creates challenges for test maintenance in the longer run as automated tests keep breaking when the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the application under test changes.

Add to that, developers spend considerable time writing custom logic in order to interact with the recognised objects. Additionally, scaling Agile efforts often necessities practices that enable testers to leverage the work of developers. To achieve this successfully, flagship testing tools need to be tightly integrated with developer focused test automation tools.

TestLeft fully embeds into standard development IDEs such as Visual Studio, which helps minimise context switching and allows developers to create test cases in their favourite IDEs.

Additionally, TestLeft comes with visual tools, which assists developers to identify correct object properties for application under test.

Dragging & dropping identifiers

Using TestLeft, developers can generate test code simply by dragging and dropping identifiers over objects on the screen. Furthermore, access to built-in methods and classes is available for code completion and faster scripting. Tests created by TestLeft can even be brought within SmartBear’s TestComplete for consumption by testers.

“With TestLeft, developers working in an Agile and continuous delivery environment can create robust tests within their favorite IDEs,” said Nikhil Kaul, Product Marketing Manager, Testing at SmartBear. “This removes the need to maintain and move to a different testing ecosystem to create and run automated tests. Particularly, the access to object properties and method library can be really useful for reducing test creation time and faster test scripting.”