SAP renames TechEd conference series as d-code

SAP has renamed its TechEd conference series as d-code.

Possibly redolent of an open homage to the developers, developers, developers cry now almost ubiquitously banded around the industry, SAP had to share the never-exclusively-trademarked TechEd name with other firms including Microsoft who have also used it for its events.


Described as a “technology education and developer event”, SAP keeps its customer-facing event name Sapphire intact.

The firm says that SAP d-code will incorporate key elements of TechEd, such as hands-on workshops and demo-driven lectures, as well as meet-ups and hack sessions, SAP CodeJam, SAP DemoJam and SAP InnoJam.

The event is targeted at architects, developers, system and database administrators and security and business intelligence professionals.

“[This] is a learning event for us all and it will further cultivate our culture of software development and innovation. SAP d-code will further inspire us to move the world forward as it gets more and more reshaped by software,” said Dr. Vishal Sikka, member of the executive board of SAP AG, products & innovation.

Also for programmers, SAP has officially sponsored its independent technical user group’s developer conference which will be help in April (14-17) it Atlanta, Georgia.

The 2014 ISUG-TECH conference expects to host more than 500 technical users and customers of SAP products for lecture sessions, workshops, round-tables, etc. learning all they can about the latest SAP technologies, and hearing from the experts in their field.

Editorial disclosure: Adrian Bridgwater works in an editorial role for ISUG-TECH, a group that seeks to independently critique and challenge SAP on product direction, training and software functionality.