Restlet streamlines 'API DevOps' workflows

API platform provider Restlet has updated its Restlet Studio API design tool. The key features here work to help API developers  transition between development, test and deployment tools within the Restlet platform.

Jerome Louvel, founder and self-named ‘chief geek’ of Restlet explains that the software has been built as an integrated  platform for the design, testing and delivery of APIs and, crucially, also as a platform to facilitate processes that streamlines workflows  of development, QA and production teams.

“Restlet is dedicated to providing the best API DevOps platform with the strongest ecosystem. We welcome cooperation from other vendors,” said Louvel.

2 million developers

The Restlet Platform for APIs is used by more than 2 million developers. Closer integration with other DevOps vendors is planned.

The new version of Restlet Studio also adds support for nested data structures. This allows developers to design the most advanced API definitions, making the API easier to organise and more scalable.


To allow large APIs to be redesigned or enable major changes after a team review, the API elements can now be reordered with drag-and-drop. Resources, representations and operations are easily organised with simple point-and-click actions. 

“Restlet Studio is the leading cloud-based API design tool that supports all major API specification languages such as OpenAPI (fka Swagger) and RAML specifications. Restlet Studio relieves developers of the complexity of API definition languages by providing a visual designer that helps them share APIs with their entire DevOps team,” said the company, in a press statement. 

Restlet Studio is freely available as a cloud application — professional versions of the Restlet Platform are charged monthly.