Questions for cloud "experts", what would you ask the panel?

I’m doing a cloud data integration and analysis lunch/panel-discussion next month at Gordon Ramsay’s Claridges in front of a small group of industry experts. This means that right now, I’m doing some planning in terms of gathering discussion points.

Note to self: remember not to ask for brown sauce at Claridges.

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OK so the discussion will centre around the real issues companies are experiencing when they move to the cloud. Here’s some of what I though I would ask.

  • What is the main barrier to cloud adoption in your business at the moment?
  • Which sections of your company do you feel are most opposed to and (conversely) most interested in bringing in cloud services?
  • Do you think we understand yet that old school approaches to architecture will not always work in the cloud?
  • What is really driving the creation of big data?
  • SMBs understand the cloud’s advantages in terms of cost savings and effeciency, big enterprises don’t (to the same degree) – discuss?
  • Paradigm shifts in technology occur roughly every 5 years, where will cloud be in 2017, or at the end of the decade at least?
  • Cloud data integration analysis project day 1, we’re all in the “situation room” … what are the first 3 items we need on the agenda?
  • Do companies see cloud computing as a means to competing in their specialist markets with greater strength?
  • Do companies understand that they need to build (or use) a formal “framework” for adoption of cloud services if it is to be done efficiently?

So there you have it — and the reason for my blog? I hope it’s obvious. Do you think this covers off some of the most pertinent issues in the cloud industry or have I missed something obvious?