Perforce pickles-up developer smörgåsbord, buys Swedish Hansoft

Software application developer-focused revision (and version) control system company Perforce Software has nipped down to IKEA and bought itself Sweden-based Hansoft Technologies.

Hansoft is neither known for its effective implementation of flat-packed furniture or its development of delicious low-cost meatballs.

Instead, Hansoft is a provider of enterprise-level Agile planning tools.

Perforce then, for its money, gets additional project management tools as the core component of this deal.

“At Perforce, we’re on a mission to connect teams to the efficiency, insights, support and security they need to innovate. With this latest acquisition, we’re pleased to build on that undertaking with a solution that provides both macro- and micro-level views into enterprise Agile projects,” said Janet Dryer, Perforce CEO.

Team-wide tools

Hansoft software is said to be applicable across entire teams — from developers to managers to executives — to provide planning, management and collaboration functions.

Previously Perforce will have already had a good degree of planing and management tools inside its Helix ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) product to help centralise and link development artifacts across the application lifecycle… but presumably the firm wanted an extra dose of Agile, which it will get from the Hansoft boys and girls.

The software achieves its team-wide functionality by synchronising two entities that often have conflicting needs in Agile enterprises: the development team and the management team.

Agile + Waterfall

“Using Hansoft, team members are free to use their preferred combinations of Agile and Waterfall project management methodologies, including changing methodologies in flight, while managers and executives can make informed decisions with real-time insights and status provided by comprehensive visual dashboards,” explained Patric Palm, Hansoft co-founder and former CEO.

The announcement comes weeks after Perforce unveiled its latest software, Helix TeamHub Enterprise, a code hosting and collaboration solution for multi-repository types that offers build performance for large-scale Git environments.ömming#