Perfecto’s ultimate test sauce, it-sa just-a perfecto

Immodestly named application testing company Perfecto Mobile has this month released its immodestly named Ultimate Digital Test Coverage Toolkit.

Known as a vendor in the mobile front-end test automation tooling space, this software toolkit is a free ‘starter package’ designed to guide Test, DevOps and Product Development teams to make decisions about their web and mobile test strategies across devices and geographies.

Why is mobile app digital platform testing so crucial?

According to Criteo’s State of Mobile Commerce report, 40 per cent of transactions today take place on multiple digital platforms — from mobile devices and desktops to wearables.

So then… let’s follow the argument through… ensuring that software application development teams are using the best combination of mobile devices, browsers and operating systems for their target user base is crucial to delivering a great digital experience.

According to Perfecto, “The Ultimate Test Coverage Toolkit helps practitioners reduce risk associated with digital quality by identifying the right mix of mobile devices and browsers to test on across geographies; how to set up and maintain a robust and scalable test lab; and what device/browser platforms to pay particular attention to in 2016.”

Eran Kinsbruner, technical evangelist at Perfecto explains that a common challenge for teams developing or scaling their test strategies across web and mobile is making the decision about which devices, browsers and geographies to include in their test plans.

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Mamma Mia there’s a so many a-platforms and a-devices today! I gonna need a testing platform to make-a things perfecto. Image Sauce: Dolmio

Features here include a free, online interactive tool to answer, “Which mobile devices and platforms should you test on?”

Five most popular devices and operating systems

With the five most popular devices and operating systems accounting for more than 500 possible browser and device combinations alone, Perfecto says that the new Digital Test Coverage Optimiser tool enables teams to discover the optimal device/system mix for maximising test coverage with the fewest devices possible.

The Test Coverage Toolkit includes a number of resources to help app developers, testers and product managers develop a strategy for multi-device interactions that will cover all target markets and user profiles.

The Digital Test Coverage Index Report combines data from 4,000+ device profiles, mobile market usage data and proprietary Perfecto analysis to help teams determine the level of digital quality testing required to cover all relevant target markets and customers on an ongoing basis.

To round out the Toolkit, Perfecto has published a step-by-step test coverage e-book that gives practical advice on how to approach, build and maintain a successful digital test strategy.