Okta and others host 'Iterate' developer event

Has the role of ‘identity developer’ now been formalised?

Perhaps not, identity and user authentication controls will probably fall at the feet of specialist security developers and systems architects seeking to place a higher level lockdown on software applications in production.

Regardless of this truism or suggestion, cloud identity and authentication specialist Okta is hosting a dedicated developer conference named Iterate to augment its core Okta Oktane 2018 event, which will again be held in Las Vegas.

Over and above Okta’s core expertise in identity, the event itself will focus on a wide spectrum of interrelated technologies.

Scheduled for Feb 27 2018  as a one day event, Okta’s decision to host a dedicated developer event backs up its core identity developer story that the Computer Weekly Developer Network covered earlier this year here.

Iterate is a joint effort between Okta, Twilio, the JS FoundationAtlassian and Algolia.

“Our new developer conference is named Iterate. [The event] is split across two tracks: Build and Evolve. In Build, we’ll explore the ever-changing field of technical best practices (backend, security, front-end, etc.) and in Evolve we’ll talk developer culture: how to automate and improve your tooling, improve your productivity, stay passionate, etc,” said Okta developer Randall Degges – @rdegges.

Okta insists that Iterate is not a vendor conference – that is, there will be no vendor talks and Iterate isn’t about promoting the work being carried out at Okta.