Okta/Stormpath: a developer identity acceleration play

Identity cloud provider company Okta has snuggled up with identity management company Stormpath.

Who brings what to the party?

This new union is designed to bring forward Okta Identity Cloud as an authentication layer for developers to implement at the app, service, device and user level.

Stormpath meanwhile provides identity management for applications and APIs.

The Stormpath team, including co-founders Alex Salazar and Les Hazlewood, will join Okta to develop its identity platform for developers. Additionally, Okta has acquired a license to the Stormpath technology.

Why is this important? 

The need for a unified identity across every app, service and device is indeed increasing as every company ‘transforms’ their business with digital services.

Founded in 2011, Stormpath developed one of the industry’s first identity management APIs for software teams building web, mobile and API-driven applications.