Nutanix partner Veeam, a lean mean DRaaS dream?

Datacentres need availability, obviously.

Veeam Software is a company that directly positions itself as a provider of solutions that deliver availability for datacentres.

The firm is serious about this — so much so that it has bothered to trademark the term Modern Data Center™, spin, puff and fluff notwithstanding… somebody in marketing thought it was a good idea.

This week Veeam (pronounced: veeeeeeeem, not really, just kidding) has appeared at the Nutanix .NEXT conference in Miami to announce news of its Veeam Cloud Connect product now being extended to include advanced image-based VM (virtual machine) replication capabilities as a part of the new Veeam Availability Suite v9.

It’s a teaser story – agh!

Disappointingly for users, the product won’t be generally available until later in the year – but the company has promised not to seek further press coverage at its full point of release.

Interestingly for users, this kind of extended functionality is the type of technology that helps gives service providers the ability to provide cloud-based disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) — this is achieved through the Veeam Cloud Connect Replication for Service Providers offering.

You mean you don’t know what RTO means?

This is all about software tools designed to create replicas in the cloud.

Which, in turns leads us to protection for mission-critical applications.

Which, in turn leads us to better recovery time objectives (RTOs).

The company’s technology proposition hinges around building a technology that securely bridges the Veeam customer to the service provider.

So, essentially, Veeam removes the requirement for customers to build and maintain a disaster recovery site for offsite protection, thereby theoretically offloading an amount of cost and complexity from their IT infrastructure.

Advanced image-based VM replication through Veeam Cloud Connect includes built-in multi-tenant support to securely share host or cluster CPU, RAM, storage and networking resource allocation between different tenants.

“It is critical to keep standby copies of data both on and off-site,” said Ratmir Timashev, CEO of Veeam. “Veeam Cloud Connect not only enables our users to fulfill the offsite requirement without having to invest in offsite infrastructure or management, but also presents new opportunities for service providers to build recurring revenue from their existing customer base, expand their presence in the DRaaS market, and establish relationships with new customers.”