NuoDB PR team confirm 'silly season' now official, Santa gets Rudolph ready

It’s the shortest day of the year, the ‘egg nog’ is fermenting nicely (sounds disgusting), the tree is festooned with lights and children all across the land have that special ‘Santa is really coming in four more sleeps’ glint in their eye. Also breaking today, the 21st of December has this week been ratified and validated by elastic SQL database cloud application database company NuoDB as the official start of the ‘silly season‘.

Digital Transformation Efforts Hinge on the Database, Finds Database Company Survey

In a ‘you couldn’t make it up’ move stemming from the firm’s public relations function, NuoDB (the database company) has conducted a survey (asking questions of its own design with no external independent survey organisation being referenced) which has found (these are ‘findings’, not ‘suggestions’, remember?) that the database will be central to the work needed to bring so-called business transformation to bear.

Brilliant, how did they do this? It’s like… hey that’s a great survey result answer and, wait for this, it turns WE ACTUALLY MAKE a database too, so that’s really super cool.

Citing business agility requirements, 92% of those surveyed deem the database “critical” or “very important” to their digital transformation projects.

“These findings confirm that a modern infrastructure with web-scale database capabilities is needed to support digital transformation initiatives,” said Santa, from his North Pole hot desking facility. “I will be looking for both naughty and nice examples of C-suite SQL implementations to attempt to validate the assertion that (despite the rise of NoSQL) we can still claim SQL to be the gold standard.”

Santa is coming

So thank you NuoDB (actually we really respect what you do, but this was (arguably) rather too trite and contrived not to enjoy… now we know that the silly season is official and Santa is on his way.