No API, No Comment

The API is, for all intents and purposes, becoming a core conduit for firms interconnecting their services over the web.

NOTE: As we have defined on the CWDN before, an API is best described as a “specific method” prescribed by a computer operating system or by an application program by which a programmer writing an application program can make requests of the operating system or another application.

An API is then, if you like, a “transport vector” or “path” for want of a less technical term.

The API movement

API Management platform company Mashery has this month updated its product to allow programmers to use existing XML gateways (or other web service technologies) to join the “movement” that is currently driving increased use of API technologies.

It is then, a movement, not a formal initiative, but a strongly evidenced trend.

Mashery’s concept is that API management gives firm the chance to build what it calls the “extensible enterprise” where firms rely on a growing number of partners, as well as mobile and connected devices to drive commercial success.

API platform effect

We might even suggest now that firms are becoming data-powered business platforms and content publishers, in their own right — and so APIs give enterprises the ability to generate a “platform effect” by scaling and syndicating services for accelerated strategic business growth.

“IT and business leaders alike are under increasing pressure to tailor web service access for the demands of mobile workforces, and to the requirements of business development opportunities,” said Chris Lippi, VP of product at Mashery.

“At the same time, IT has anchored existing security and business policies in existing web service technology investments and proven business workflows, controls, and visibility. Mashery’s new solution allows enterprises to maintain existing web services investments while rapidly deploying a SaaS-based API platform, developer portal and management software,” he added.


Cloud computing is forcing firms to think about new ways in which they need to connect their major outward facing limbs. Are we close to a point when partners refuse to work with other firms if they fail to provide appropriate API connections?

No API, No Comment…