New Relic prescribes data health for DevOps

Digital intelligence company New Relic has added extra functions to its eponymously named Digital Intelligence Platform.

The company has brought forward what it calls a so-called Health Map.

High-density APM

This is the firm’s play to offer its own Application Performance Management (APM) software alongside its own (similarly eponymously named) infrastructure products.

The end result offers what has been called a “high-density view” of applications and the infrastructure supporting those applications.

“By standardizing monitoring within a single cloud platform, customers will be able to work better together to pinpoint issues and optimise their dynamic cloud or hybrid environments, in particular those leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) products,” said the company, in a press statement.

It is true, as firms adopt microservice architectures, it becomes more difficult to pinpoint performance issues within the application stack.

New Relic’s new Health Map feature claims to bring together data on application and infrastructure performance into a single prioritised view.

DevOps factor

This unified view enables is supposed to allow DevOps teams to understand if the source of a performance issue is from the application code or in the infrastructure layer.

New Relic Infrastructure has 20 out-of-the-box integrations to AWS products, including new connection to Amazon Kinesis Firehose, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Amazon Route 53, Amazon EC2 Container Service and Amazon EC2 Container Registry.

In addition, AWS Billing and Cost Management features have been introduced.

The wider concepts expressed here are intended to suggest that developers and system administrators in DevOps teams can standardise the monitoring of customised services alongside dynamic infrastructure instances within the context of the applications that they support.