NGINX release 7: what is an application delivery platform anyway?

Whether we list the firm as nginx or NGINX, it is neither an acronym, a portmanteau or a shortening.

The company nginx is pronounced “Engine-Ex” and the firm is a specialist in software engine deliver technology — so, it’s an application delivery platform.

So what is an application delivery platform anyway?

1 nuyfuwdf.png

The above graphic should give you a good head start on what kind of technologies are included in an application delivery platform — i.e. essentially, it’s a web server.

The update provides a fully supported implementation of the new HTTP/2 web standard.

NGINX Plus can be deployed as a front-end HTTP/2 gateway and accelerator for both new and existing web services.

“With HTTP/2 support, organisations can now adopt the latest web standard without having to change any of their existing applications,” said the firm.

Users also now have an option to benefit from the security enhancements built into the new protocol, which was first made available in August as an early alpha-level patch enabling HTTP/2 support in NGINX.

NOTE: The final open source version will become available following the release of R7.

The latest update also adds enhancements to make application monitoring, management, and debugging easier.

CEO messages

“Our latest release is about providing even more tools to ensure the best possible experience for users,” said Gus Robertson, CEO at NGINX, Inc.

“We are the fabric of our customer’s infrastructure and that puts us in a place to be able to provide visibility and control over the applications they deploy.”

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