Microsoft invites programmers to Windows 8 'BUILD' conference

Microsoft has been positively ‘chatty’ over the last ten days on the topic of Windows 8. So much so that the company’s next big developer convention is now being promoted.

The conference formerly known as PDC (Professional Developers Conference) and at one point also known as WDC (“Windows Developer Conference”) has now been named BUILD.

BUILD is scheduled for September 13-16, 2011 in Anaheim, CA and registration is already open.


“Attendees can expect to see new capabilities for Windows Azure, Microsoft’s tools emphasis for HTML5 support, new development opportunities on Windows Phone and our commitment to interoperable environments,” says Microsoft.

Microsoft senior VP developer division Soma Somasegar has used his own blog to commeny, “Today, everyone can be a developer; the most tech-savvy generation we’ve ever seen is fueling demand for new tools and technologies. Many of the developers building web sites and apps that make an impact have no formal education in computer science or engineering. BUILD will be a gateway to new opportunity for all developers.”

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