Microsoft Connect(); plugs in, what's in the call?

Microsoft appears to have an inexhaustible supply of energy for (arguably) hard core developer events with serious software application development programmes.

Question: how to do you make it through to //build/ 2017? Answer: well, there’s always Connect(); from November 16-17 in New York City.

NOTE: The event will be ‘livestreamed’ for globally if you can’t get there for the pizza in person.

What’s inside Microsoft Connect();?

EVP Scott Guthrie and principal program manager Scott Hanselman will share the latest from inside Visual Studio, .NET, Xamarin and Azure… that much we can say for sure.

Microsoft’s Mitra Azizirad is CVP of marketing for cloud app developer and data marketing. She says that attendees will get two days of presentations and networking plus live interactive Q&A sessions with the engineering teams, customers and partners.

Just Windows?

Azizirad points wider than (just) Windows and says that the event is designed to teach developer skills focused on creating what she calls ‘breakthrough intelligent apps’ that work across Android, iOS, Linux and Windows.

“Developers inspired us to create the Connect(); event. You are at the center of incredible business transformation and the disruption of entire industries through the development of powerful apps that change the world.  For the past two years, we’ve unveiled new innovative technologies and solutions at Connect(); that represent our relentless drive to meet the needs of any developer, building any application on any platform.  Connect(); 2016 is the next step on our cloud-first, mobile-first world journey,” said Azizirad.

Al Hilwa from IDC is on the record saying that Microsoft’s Connect() developer event has grown into a significant milestone for developers building modern apps for cloud, mobile and DevOps deployment scenarios.