Logitech K780 keyboard: multi-device makes a lot of sense

Yes this is a software application development blog, but we have been looking for a software-based solution to email meltdown hell for some time now.

While the Gmail Boomerang extension is a great step in the right direction (it helps you delay your replies and manages the whole experience one level higher than the average email client)…  could a better answer come in the shape of hardware?

Upping multi-tasking abilities

Not specifically designed as a route to quelling the email hell that most journalists (or let’s face it many other professions) usually find themselves in, the Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard is a great way of upping your multi-tasking ability.

Rather than having to have a separate laptop nestled up next to my main iMac (which I do indeed have to) for email management, the Logitech K780 keyboard allows the user to insert both a smartphone and tablet into its docking station and (effectively) kind of create a ‘triple PC’ experience.

A set of distinctly ‘white’ buttons (Logitech calls it the Easy-SwitchTM button) on the keyboard are numbered 1, 2 and 3 to allow you to switch the keyboard’s connection between main PC (or Mac), tablet and phone… or, two tablets, or two phones, if that’s your kind of thing.

Installation ease, mostly

Installation and Bluetooth connection to smartphone and tablet is a breeze i.e. very intuitive, no problem at all.

Connection to desktop iMac is somewhat harder, first attempts almost seemed to work and then everything went quiet… a simple download of Logitech’s own Unifying Software here http://support.logitech.com/en_us/product/unifying fixes that problem and Mac connection is fine.

“When it comes to typing we can create a document quickly and comfortably on the computer, but when answering a text message on the phone we’re limited to what our two thumbs can do,” said Art O Gnimh, global director of keyboards at Logitech. “Now with the K780 Multi-Device, you can type comfortably at desktop speed on all the devices that you use at your desk, seamlessly switching between them with the touch of a button.”

What the PR peeps say

Here’s some of the stuff from the company itself from the marketing types: the K780 Multi-Device offers quiet and responsive typing. The keys are large and carefully scooped for typing comfort and precision, while a convenient 10-key pad makes it easy to enter numbers.

An integrated rubber slot with a soft finish securely cradles a variety of mobile devices at a perfect reading angle, from smartphones to the 12” iPad Pro.

The K780 Multi-Device adapts to your devices, so whether you are using a Windows PC or iPhone, the key layout is familiar and you can even access your favorite shortcuts. With both a Logitech Unifying USB and Bluetooth Smart technology, you can choose the best way to connect to your computer, phone or tablet.

With a power-saving idle mode and an on/off switch, the K780 Multi-Device offers up to 24-months of battery life. Oh… but that power switch is very tiny and kind of hidden on the side, so look for it carefully before you decide that the Bluetooth sync doesn’t work, because it probably does.

The K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard is available in some stores and on Logitech.com for a suggested retail price of £74.99.

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